Monday, 27 May 2019

Kernel_task usage extremely high problem (MacOS MacBook)

I just seem to have solved this issue which has plagued me for months. I was just about to reinstall my OS when I can across some information about dust potentially being a problem.

I opened up the back of the laptop and found a few places where dust had collected. By removing it, my laptop is now back to its old self. Such a simple solution to something that has caused me such grief!!

Hopefully, this helps others with the same problem.

Friday, 4 January 2019

Fantastic Coffee in China

At the beginning of this year, I moved back to China to work for a Yunnan coffee producer and roaster. we are now in the position of having exported to the Middle East, Russia, Australia and the United States.

Ahrire, our head roaster has one of the most refined pallets in the business and had one of his coffees ranked as the world's second-best roast in 2015 by

The coffee was scored at 96 points, which is the equal highest score that any coffee roasted in China has been able to achieve. When I say equal, the other coffee was also roasted by Ahrire. I guess in some way that means that we can claim the title of the best coffee in China until someone manages to equal or better us.

We are just about to release our new website at if you are in China and feel like an amazing cup of coffee!

ManLao River Speciality Coffee

One of the great benefits of working in the coffee industry is the great coffee I get to drink on a daily basis. One of my great joys is being able to share that with other people. If you would like to check out some of what we do, take a look at our new website, ManLao River Speciality Coffee.

Thursday, 20 December 2018

My Second Complaint About Spam

I like it when people leave comments on this blog.. but I get overwhelmed by spam comments.. so annoying.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

AdSense Earnings

So I guess I haven't taken this blog as seriously as I should have. Somehow I fell into a period of being uninspired to write. The great thing about the Internet is that it continues to grow and evolve even while you are not at the wheel.

So I finally logged back in today to create a post about some art I bought from my sister and I found that there was money waiting for me... and sleazy Russian mail order bride advertisements on the site. Not quite sure how I feel about this new turn.

In all, I have racked up $3.54 in AdSense earning (I can't get a payout until it reaches $130) and have potentially become the most affordable pimp on the proverbial block. Once again, I am not sure how I feel about this.

The sleaziness of the ads aside, I am surprised that I earnt anything at all and has left me facing the conundrum of whether to remove AdSense completely. I am hoping that I can get back into writing here a bit more in the future, but have little time to focus on the revenue model, so I am thinking that for the moment I may leave them up, but try removing the most sexually seductive content from Google's repertoire.

If you have any thoughts about how I could do this better, please leave a comment below!

A Very Proud Brother

I know my sister may be embarrassed by this, but I am very proud of your little sister. She has one the healthiest outlooks on life that I know of. Being away from her for years (we live in different countries) pains me as I fondly look back on our time together as children.

Today I wanted to make a bit of a shameless plug for three pieces of art (prints - I can't afford the originals) that bought from her recently that, while not intended as a series, look fantastic on the wall alongside each other. They also make me think of her each time I see them, so bring me a double pleasure each morning.

What makes me post this today? I have been helping her out with a few things the last few days and as a part of that realised just how successful she is becoming. It is a true inspiration to see someone passionately following their dreams and succeeding.

Lots of love if you read this Little Sister.

If you aren't my sister and you are reading this, you can check out more of her art at her website .

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

My app is published.. What next?

Well, my first app is now live in the App Store. I must say that though it is but a simple app, I am proud of what I have created.

It is only now that I have published it that I am seeing what a massive task I have ahead in terms of promoting it. Then I wonder, how can I do that for free considering that we are not charging money for Colour Temperature.

I have now sent out press releases to a number of websites and am pleased to announce that iPhoneGlance, an iPhone app review website seems to have agreed to be the first to publish a review. Here's hoping it is a good one.

More to come...